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Based on a client’s needs and through its specialized engineering department (SEMICAD, ENGIE Axima, Process Industriel) developed a software for managing technical networks that is so powerful that it has become a standard product.

Named MICADO, the software is made up of a practical, innovative, and client-oriented solution.



Because technical networks are multiple and complex.

At an industrial site, the installations very often work with a multitude of fluids (electrical and thermal fluids, corrosive, toxic and explosive gases, and other chemical products).

Graphique MICADO

The fluids are distributed through piping, ducting, coupling, HV/LV cabling and computer networks, … which we call technical networks

The topology of the networks is often complex (looped, tree-shaped networks,…). At some sites, tens or even hundreds of technical networks are required for the functioning of the installations and can even account for hundreds of kilometres of connections.

The management of these technical networks reflects a genuinely challenging combination of complexity and safety of the installation as well as maintenance and operations constraints.


This software development is incorporated in an approach that is totally client-oriented.

Graphique MICADO

The MICADO concept originated through contact with ST Microelectronics, a client with whom Cofely Axima, Industrial Process Division has been working with for a long time on the Grenoble basin.
Cofely Axima, Industrial Process Division was in charge of the studies of the connection in fluids of manufacturing equipment in clean rooms.

The presence of an important research centre involves being able to rearrange the equipment very quickly according to the new process developed. It is this strong demand in flexibility that moved ENGIE Axima, Process Industriel to propose a comprehensive tool for managing technical networks.

A collaboration with a renowned publisher CORIM Solutions of GMAO market enabled us to submit a report to OSEO Anvar and to obtain financial support for the development of a marketable industrial software MICADO V5.0.
The first version installed at ST Microelectronics practically involved a year of work.

The benefits of MICADO

MICADO provides a global and up-to-date view that can be applied to all types of technical networks (fluids, ventilation, electricity, gas, chemical products, drains, exhausts, etc.). Its distinctive feature is that it assigns a new module within the existing design (CAD) and maintenance software CMMS. It gives a complete view of the equipment requirements and the capacities of the networks from the source of production to the equipment.

From the first glance, you can easily locate the saturated networks and anticipate the changes of the installations without having to risk stopping production.

MICADO showcases three definite assets:

  1. it ensures the monitoring and the control of the technical networks in real time,
  2. it facilitates the fitting of the networks and the movement of equipment,
  3. finally, it makes it possible to optimise and anticipate the organisation of maintenance operations by clearly identifying the affected equipment and can be integrated upstream from the design phase in order to scale the networks.

MICADO, through better control of the installations, contributes to compliance with regulatory requirements (DREAL etc…). It can work independently or it can be integrated as a module in the maintenance software CORIM.

With respect to the technical characteristics of this software: developed with the latest .NET technology and compatible with SQL Server or Oracle database, MICADO is a multilingual client/server application and is fully customizable.

MICADO is equally 100% compatible with TSE technology and Citrix™, which allows the deployment of the software in using only one internet navigator at the workstations.

The MICADO benefits:

MICADO meets the concrete needs of a company that needs to manage technical networks. It allows you to:

  • describe, list and locate the machines, equipment and installations of an industrial site,
  • to visualise and browse the structure of the networks,
  • know the energy needs, processes and hardware of the manufacturing equipment,
  • know the availability of the connection points of the equipment on the and the connections of the networks,
  • estimate the overloading of the networks and installations,
  • identify the equipment affected at the time of the incident on the networks or by stopping an actuator,
  • identify the loading points on the networks that allow the equipment to be isolated,
  • simulate the connection of the new equipment in order to control the workload and scalability of the networks,
  • centralise all the technical documentation relating to the equipment and networks: EDM.


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